Bespoke / Custom Made Jeans

Bespoke Jeans – For Men and Women

Yes that’s right! we are now delighted to announce that we can make bespoke jeans. Designed by you & made to your measurements so you really can have the perfect jeans that you have always wanted.

Our very simple measurement guide allows you to measure a pair of favourite jeans. We can either match them exactly or you can simply change the bits that you want changed on these jeans so that they really are perfect.

Clone a Pair of Jeans

This is where you either provide the measurements and photos of the jeans you wish to clone, or send them to us and we can take the measurements for you.


We have a selection of 100% cotton denim and also stretch denim.

All of this for only £225.00 per pair. Less then you’ll pay for some designer jeans!

To build your perfect jeans simply contact us on 01285 689431 or email us here