A Natural Story

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The Natural Story

We are delighted to announce a brand new tweed range that we are now offering. A completely natural tweed.

This is a uniquely natural range of cloths, inspired by the desire to create a fabric that is classically beautiful, environmentally friendly and very distinctive. The whole range is made from naturally coloured British sheep fleeces, Jacobs, Shetland and Welsh Black. There are no dyes used in these yarns, along with the absence of any chemicals in the preparation for weaving there is also only natural soaps used in the finishing process. The spinning, weaving and finishing are all done here in Huddersfield, all within a five mile radius keeping the carbon footprint for the manufacturing process to the absolute minimum.

The low environmental impact itself would make no sense if we did not produce a cloth that was not appealing, the designers have managed to use these creative limitations to inspired results, they have created a range of textures, weights, weaves, patterns and colourways. If you are wishing to manufacture garments with intense character and a distinctive look we know these cloths will drive your creative juices.

Heart and desire.

To book in to see these amazing fabrics, please either call 01285 689431 or email us info@barringtonayre.co.uk

Bespoke Leather Jackets

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We are delighted that we are now able to offer bespoke leather jackets for both men and women.



We have a huge range of designs to choose from and 24 different coloured leathers from which to have your jacket made

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Each jacket is made individually to you from your measurements and design.

This is the perfect chance to own a wardrobe classic, made for you in the colour and design you want.

To buy your leather jacket or to see the designs available – simply click here

New Feel Good Friday Offers!

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From October 2016, we will be putting out special offers every so often on a Friday. These will be our ‘Feel Good Friday’ Offers!

These offers will be put out over social media.

There will usually only be 1 item available and it is a purely, first come, first serve, so when it is gone, it is gone! so don’t be disappointed, if you see something you like, buy it quickly!!!

SO keep your eyes open for our ‘Feel good Friday’ offers by following us on Twitter – @MrTabbs


On Tuesday 6th September 2016 we were honoured again to take part in the Annual ‘Walker Cup’ (not that one!)

This is a Charity golf day organised by Dan Walker from the BBC in aid of the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity. It is an amazing cause and something we are incredibly proud to support. Last year raised over £35,000 but this year, a staggering £60,000 was raised.

This year we made the first ‘Winners Jacket’ for the event, and each year, we will make a bespoke jacket like the one below for the individual winner. They will then have the honour of handing the new jacket on to the next winner!! possibly a little bit like the famous green jacket?!!!!!


As always it was an amazing event with the winner, John Sansby, scoring 45 points off his 90% handicap?!!!


Michael Vaughan, our team Captain, teeing off on the par 3 6th at Hallamshire Golf Course

Here is our team score card compared to the victorious teams!

Screenshot 2016-09-07 13.05.09

Screenshot 2016-09-07 13.05.22

With the continual growth of Barrington Ayre Bespoke Golf we have decided to take our tailors out on Tour!

Screenshot 2016-09-05 13.42.21

Starting in September we will be travelling around the country, showcasing our clothing and measuring people up at Pro Shops and Golf Clubs.

There is an events page on our Facebook page  and you can also download our new App for free which will have full details on our Tour Dates.

At the days we will set up a small stand, where you will be able to look and feel the fabrics that we use, have a look at the clothing that we make, purchase from our range of accessories and purchase and be measured up for our bespoke golf clothing.

For those who do purchase our bespoke clothing we will then organise another date around 4 weeks later to come back for your fitting.

If you or your golf club would like us to visit you, please get in contact with us by emailing golf@barringtonayre.co.uk or by calling 01285 689431

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