A Natural Story

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The Natural Story

We are delighted to announce a brand new tweed range that we are now offering. A completely natural tweed.

This is a uniquely natural range of cloths, inspired by the desire to create a fabric that is classically beautiful, environmentally friendly and very distinctive. The whole range is made from naturally coloured British sheep fleeces, Jacobs, Shetland and Welsh Black. There are no dyes used in these yarns, along with the absence of any chemicals in the preparation for weaving there is also only natural soaps used in the finishing process. The spinning, weaving and finishing are all done here in Huddersfield, all within a five mile radius keeping the carbon footprint for the manufacturing process to the absolute minimum.

The low environmental impact itself would make no sense if we did not produce a cloth that was not appealing, the designers have managed to use these creative limitations to inspired results, they have created a range of textures, weights, weaves, patterns and colourways. If you are wishing to manufacture garments with intense character and a distinctive look we know these cloths will drive your creative juices.

Heart and desire.

To book in to see these amazing fabrics, please either call 01285 689431 or email us info@barringtonayre.co.uk

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