We’re asked to produce a whole raft of different types of clothing for people but it’s not often that we’re asked to make performance wear for someone who’s going to be scaling Mount Elbrus and wants their kit to mirror that of mountaineering legend George Mallory circa 1920. Nope, it’s really not that often that we’re asked to make vintage mountaineering gear!
However, that is precisely what Ross Turner (one half of the esteemed explorer Turner Twins duo) asked us for and we’re absolutely delighted to be making the Mallory-esque clothing for his epic upcoming adventure with twin brother, Hugo.
While Ross’s outfit will be strictly old school, Hugo will be wearing the modern day mountaineering gear equivalent…(although we’ve every confidence in the durability of yesteryear’s clothing, we’re still thinking Hugo may owe Ross a drink or two after this!)
In a few weeks time, the brothers will be ascending Mount Elbrus in Russia, one of the renowned 7 summits standing at 5,642m (18,510ft), which will take them about 2 weeks. King’s College London’s, Department of Twin Research and GSK’s Human Performance Lab, will be conducting research on the twins’ response to the traditional and modern clothing in order to better understand how their bodies are affected and to monitor these changes to help advance physiological and medical understanding.
And now here comes the not so science-y bit….
These days, performance wear is the product of extensive research and state of the art manufacturing processes. Not so in Mallory’s day. In order to recreate the type of field jacket and trousers Mallory would have worn we’ve used a gabardine fabric (as Mallory would have had) and stayed as faithful to the original design as possible.  The result is a two-piece outer layer mountaineering suit that is light, warm and flexible with a strong heritage look.
We look forward to sharing with you the outcome of their brave and exciting experiment.
Best of British luck boys – we’re rooting for you!

bespoke boating and striped cricket blazersIt has been a very busy start to the summer for us. Not only did we win a number of Awards, including Retailer of the Year and our Founder Tom Wharton, scooped The Cirencester Ambassador Award at this years Cirencester Business Awards, we have also been making some a huge number of classic cricket and boating blazers.

We now have a great fabric supplier who can provide stock for over 35 different designs of striped fabric, so there is no need to have a roll of fabric made up you can now simply have one jacket at a time made.

We can provide these striped boating and cricket blazers in either cotton or wool so there is something for everyone! And as always, all of our bespoke and made to order jackets are made right here in England.

As the only dedicated tailor left still making bespoke English flannel cricket trousers from 100% made in England flannel, why not treat yourself to a pair to beautifully accompany your new boating or cricket blazer? You really couldn’t look smarter or more stylish for Henley Regatta, the cricket or the polo or simply for a garden or drinks party.

What ever your needs we will be delighted to help, so please simply contact us regarding your bespoke cricket or boating blazer needs.

Happy New Year!

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So 2015 is here! and with it a raft of New Year’s resolutions and plans for the year ahead.

With all of the positivity that ensues a New Year, why not look at getting a new wardrobe made, so that you can work through this year and many years to come in the finest clothing available, made to your exact measurements and design. Clothing that truly is as individual as you.

We thought that we would use this post to give you a quick idea of what you should have in your wardrobe for the coming year. These items of clothing will give you the ability to take on any challenge or event as well as allowing you the flexibility and freedom to use them in a number of situations.

1. A classic bespoke suit – When we say classic, we mean more in colour. A dark navy is one of the most versatile and useful colours you will ever own. Go for a nice mid navy, that isn’t too showy but is still obviously blue. The reason for this is that you can wear either black or brown shoes with it, your freedom of shirt design to wear with it is large as is your tie choice. You can also, which many people are doing at the moment, split the suit up and wear the trousers as a smart pair of trousers with another jacket or no jacket, and wear the suit jacket (as long as it is cut in the right style) as a smart jacket with chinos, smart trousers or even jeans.

2. A tweed jacket – Now when we say tweed, we don’t mean something that you would buy from a Gentlemen’s shop that is green and is seen throughout the UK, we mean a more individual tweed, one that suits not only you, your hair colour, your complexion and lifestyle. We have around 1500 different tweeds available in the showroom alone, so we are pretty sure we can find the perfect one for you. If you go slightly more understated without large checks, and go with a warmer colour, a brown, deep grey or dark blue you will be able to wear it on far more occasions. A classic tweed jacket can be dressed up, or dressed down, worn with jeans or as part of a smarter look with a tie. This is possibly the most important item you will ever have made and so don’t be frightened about taking your time to choose your fabric.

3. Bespoke shirts – ideally you will have between 5-8 as a minimum so that you can rotate them daily and give the unworn ones plenty of time to hang and recover. Always have some classic plain colours, a white, blue and pink, and then a few subtle stripes and at least 1 casual one. Don’t forget, a casual shirt does not mean that you should look messy and wear an ill fitting shirt just because it is casual.

4. At least 2 or 3 pairs of bespoke trousers – With people taking more pride in their appearance now a days, and with people wearing jackets more and more, you will need a number of pairs of tailored trousers. These should consist of a cotton pair for water weather, a pair of good flannel trousers and a pair of either plain tweed or heavier weight trouser. You could have tens of different styles and fabrics and if you can afford to do this then definitely do!

5. Overcoat – This is something that should be classic and not follow fashion. A simple navy, charcoal or light brown single breasted overcoat of around 20oz in weight will be perfect.

6. A dinner jacket – This is something that should last you a lifetime! as along as you don’t put on too much weight etc! and go classic, sober and subtle and you will always be the smartest at any party!

7. A morning coat – There has been move away from morning coats for weddings in the recent years but it will never disappear and is an essential part of every Gentleman’s wardrobe. A with your DJ, this should last you for life and again, still classic.

Hopefully these few ideas will give you an insight into the power of bespoke clothing and also an insight into what you should have in your wardrobe. If you want any help or simply want to discuss your clothing needs, please do not hesitate to contact us, either by email info@barringtonayre.co.uk or via phone 01285 689431

How do you fancy watching the Ladies Day Action from Cheltenham Races, on the 11th March 2015 from an exclusive venue?

Do you love the racing but dislike the hustle and bustle of the crowds? Then this is just for you!


  • Spectacular views of the course from an exclusive viewing platform
  • An exclusive lunch with afternoon tea and live music
  • An exciting racing atmosphere that lets you avoid unnecessary hustle and bustle

Also, win a bespoke jacket – one for the best dressed man, and one for the best dressed lady – from the Cotswolds’ Favourite Tailor – Barrington Ayre! This will be being judged by a well known Celebrity!

Book your place now and Each ticket sold will help National Star continue to transform the lives of people with learning and physical disabilities and acquired brain injuries by enabling them to achieve their goals and become more independent.

To book your place – please use the link here – Cheltenham Festival Ladies Day Event

NS Race Day flyer

Over the last few months we have been working on a cracking little project with the Radio 1 DJ Greg James and TW Steel Watches.

TW Steel have recently launched a stunning new range of slimline watches and we were asked to work with them to design a bespoke suit for a celebrity to compliment their beautiful watches. Our classic English style of bespoke suit is designed to be slim fitting and show off the figure of the wearer just like the slimline watches and so we jumped at the opportunity to work with them.

The Celebrity that we chose to make the suit for was one of our existing clients, Greg James. His style and physique was the perfect match and his love of watches made him the perfect choice.

Have a look at our dedicated mini site by clicking here

Watch the teaser video here