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Barrington Ayre Shirtmaker & Tailor - Made in England

We had a phone call recently from a Gentleman who had recently attended the CLA Game Fair in Blenheim and had been to see a number of tailors who were exhibiting them. Firstly he was a little bit shocked as none of them really made any country clothing and had a selection of around 6 tweeds to choose from! which seemed a little strange at a country fair! but he was more upset that when he asked where their clothing was made they all said China, India or the Far East.

What he also pointed out which we found a bit sneaky was that a couple of these tailors were actually advertising the fact that they were British made, but this in fact turned out to be slightly false as it was only the cloth that was made in England!

On the other hand Barrington Ayre bespoke and ready to where clothing is all made right here in England, in two factories in Yorkshire. We also make mens and ladies bespoke shirts right here in England from a factory in London and one in Manchester, and we also use the finest English and Scottish fabrics, so be safe in the knowledge that when we say that we are Made in England, we really are Made in England.

Oh, and we are off to see the Gentlemen to make him some clothes in a few weeks time!

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