Hit the Mannequin – Golf Challenge

Not only are we very keen golfers here at Barrington Ayre, but we also have a team who go out and play at many Charity events raising as much money and supporting as many Charities as we can.

Over the many years that we have been playing these games, we have been asked to come up with new and innovative ways to raise money and one of the most popular things we have come up with is our ‘Hit the Mannequin’ Challenge.

This is where we set up a mannequin on a par 4 or 5, within driving range from the tee, dressed in an outfit chosen by the tournament organiser. If a player hits the mannequin on the full from the tee with their 1st shot, we will make that person whatever is on the mannequin just in their measurements.

A cracking little challenge with a terrific prize!

We are the only people who can offer this, however, if you would like to offer this service at a Golf Day that you are organising, please get in touch.