On Tuesday 6th September 2016 we were honoured again to take part in the Annual ‘Walker Cup’ (not that one!)

This is a Charity golf day organised by Dan Walker from the BBC in aid of the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity. It is an amazing cause and something we are incredibly proud to support. Last year raised over £35,000 but this year, a staggering £60,000 was raised.

This year we made the first ‘Winners Jacket’ for the event, and each year, we will make a bespoke jacket like the one below for the individual winner. They will then have the honour of handing the new jacket on to the next winner!! possibly a little bit like the famous green jacket?!!!!!


As always it was an amazing event with the winner, John Sansby, scoring 45 points off his 90% handicap?!!!


Michael Vaughan, our team Captain, teeing off on the par 3 6th at Hallamshire Golf Course

Here is our team score card compared to the victorious teams!

Screenshot 2016-09-07 13.05.09

Screenshot 2016-09-07 13.05.22

Marcus Fraser

Barrington Ayre Bespoke Golf will be making its first ever appearance at the Open Championship, with Australia’s Marcus Fraser playing in the game’s oldest major at Royal Troon, having elected to wear the clothing range from the Cirencester tailors.

The European Tour stalwart will now be wearing the specialist clothing for the first time in the UK, having already recorded wins in Asia in the revolutionary new technological clothing includes trousers made from a 100% cotton fabric called Ventile that is weather proof, polo shirts, which bring moisture to the surface leaving you feeling cool, while the golf jumpers are made from Merino wool for comfort.

Marcus Fraser says he is always looking for new ways to stay on top of his game and what you wear has a big part to play in on the course success. “I jumped at the chance to have a golf wardrobe exactly the way I wanted it. It’s great to be involved at the start of such an exciting project.”

“Our bespoke golf range and service was only launched earlier in 2016 so it is great to have Marcus on board,” Tom Wharton of Barrington Ayre added. “We have been working and dressing great golfers off the course for years and have recently made a wedding suit for Brit golfer Chris Wood but to dress them ready for the greens is a real joy. We wish Marcus all the best for the tournament.”

The entire clothing range on and off the course can be viewed at www.barringtonayrebespokegolf.co.uk


Barrington Ayre at The Baftas

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David "Bumble" Lloyd in Barrington Ayre bespoke at The Baftas

David “Bumble” Lloyd in Barrington Ayre bespoke at The Baftas

Last night The Baftas took place in a star studded event in London.

Sky Sports won a Bafta for the Best coverage of The Ashes and we were delighted to see that a member of this award winning production, David “Bumble” Lloyd was sporting his Barrington Ayre Bespoke suit.

Bespoke Golf

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We are delighted to announce that we will shortly be launching a dedicated bespoke golf range. Not only will this clothing range be made to the highest tailoring standards as with all of our bespoke clothing, but they will also be made from a special range of technical clothing to not only make the player look good, but the clothing will help their game.

As with all of our new fabrics and clothing ranges, we at Barrington Ayre try them out to make sure that they do what they are supposed to do!

Therefore on Monday, I took the new bespoke Ventile® cotton trousers, one of our 100% cotton pique bespoke polo shirts, one of the new bobble hats, a piece of Armadillo Merino next to the skin clothing and a proto type of our new technical 3 layer soft shell jacket out on the golf course. The weather was suitably poor and we had cold winds first thing in the morning, rain and strong winds during the day and even a spot of sun at one point! but it all proved rather useful in assessing the clothing.

We played 27 holes at Frilforth Heath https://www.frilfordheath.co.uk golf course in Abingdon. A lovely old school course, with tight fairways, lots of gorse bushes, a great range of challenges and a lovely atmosphere in the Club House.

So lets start at the top!IMG_4145

The Bobble hat – This kept my head nice and warm when we arrived in the biting cold wind and kept me warm and dry throughout the day without making me sweat, which was a real bonus for a wooly hat. The colours we have produced went down well with the chaps I played with and a couple ordered one there and then.

Screenshot 2015-12-23 15.31.42

The Armadillo Merino – next to skin layer – We have started a collaboration with Armadillo Merino to provide our next to skin layers. They are real experts in the field and their clothing is used by the Armed Forces, Special Forces and the Fire service as well as many extreme sportsmen and women. I have to admit that after using merino wool in some of our suits and being a great fan and official supplier of John Smedley, I was slightly sceptical of how merino wool would work close up to the skin. But I have to say that it really is truly amazing! It kept me warm when we first started and after having a few shocking holes and getting rather angry and hot it seemed to whick the heat and seat away from my body. It also didn’t itch at all and after wearing it all day I had to give it the sniff test at the end of the day, as it is claimed that you can wear it for 365 days without washing it! and there wasn’t even the slightest hint of an odour. These layers are great.


The Bespoke Polo Shirt – I went for a classic 100% cotton pique polo this time but we have made some polos in a selection of special technical fabrics that keep the wearer warm on colder days but also whick away sweat and heat from the body when it is warmer. They are also all designed to move with the player and aid them in their swing. Our bespoke polo shirts are designed with a classic shirt collar feel, so there is a proper collar band and we have interlined the collar to keep them firm and rigid so that they stay smart whilst looking good. The polo shirt that I wore worked extremely well and the staff in the Clubhouse even commented on how nice it was to see a polo shirt with a proper collar for once.

Screenshot 2015-11-30 10.02.50

Merino Jumper – This is one of our new British made 100% merino jumpers. They are designed to be extremely hard wearing, machine washable and have hand linked seams to increase comfort. Due to being merino they are not as bulky as a wool jumper so fit beautifully under a coat if you need. This jumper added to keeping me warm and was incredibly comfortable as well as looking great in the bar afterwards!


Ventile® cotton trousers – Now these really are amazing! They are 100% cotton trousers, they look and feel like cotton but are weather and waterproof so there is no need to have waterproof trousers in your bag anymore. The chaps I was playing with were rather sceptical but after I showed them what happens when you put water on the trousers they were obsessed! (have a look at the video below) We even managed to go through a whole bottle of water throwing them it on my trousers before we even tee’d off! The special Ventile® fabric expands when water comes in contact with it and so repels water completely. We experienced quite a bit of rain on the way round and whilst the other guys were pulling on their waterproof trousers I was kept dry and comfortable. They even kept out the howling wind. I have to say these are amazing and I am definitely going to get some more made simply as winter weather trousers.

Screenshot 2015-12-23 16.47.28

Three layer soft shell jacket – This was a photo type for our new three layer soft shell jackets. This was a great addition and kept the wind and rain off my throughout the day as well as keeping me warm. There are a few little tweaks that I will be making to make it even better but all in all these will be a cracking addition to the range

So I have to say that the field test for our new bespoke golf range was incredibly successful, unlike my golf! I had lots of movement available to me, I stayed dry and warm and I was simply astonished about how well the trousers worked.

We have a special offer online at the moment for a whole golf outfit – http://www.barringtonayre.co.uk/golf-package/ but if you would like to come and see the range for yourself, please contact us on 01285 689431 or by emailing Kerry – kerry@barringtonayre.co.uk 

We’re asked to produce a whole raft of different types of clothing for people but it’s not often that we’re asked to make performance wear for someone who’s going to be scaling Mount Elbrus and wants their kit to mirror that of mountaineering legend George Mallory circa 1920. Nope, it’s really not that often that we’re asked to make vintage mountaineering gear!
However, that is precisely what Ross Turner (one half of the esteemed explorer Turner Twins duo) asked us for and we’re absolutely delighted to be making the Mallory-esque clothing for his epic upcoming adventure with twin brother, Hugo.
While Ross’s outfit will be strictly old school, Hugo will be wearing the modern day mountaineering gear equivalent…(although we’ve every confidence in the durability of yesteryear’s clothing, we’re still thinking Hugo may owe Ross a drink or two after this!)
In a few weeks time, the brothers will be ascending Mount Elbrus in Russia, one of the renowned 7 summits standing at 5,642m (18,510ft), which will take them about 2 weeks. King’s College London’s, Department of Twin Research and GSK’s Human Performance Lab, will be conducting research on the twins’ response to the traditional and modern clothing in order to better understand how their bodies are affected and to monitor these changes to help advance physiological and medical understanding.
And now here comes the not so science-y bit….
These days, performance wear is the product of extensive research and state of the art manufacturing processes. Not so in Mallory’s day. In order to recreate the type of field jacket and trousers Mallory would have worn we’ve used a gabardine fabric (as Mallory would have had) and stayed as faithful to the original design as possible.  The result is a two-piece outer layer mountaineering suit that is light, warm and flexible with a strong heritage look.
We look forward to sharing with you the outcome of their brave and exciting experiment.
Best of British luck boys – we’re rooting for you!