A Natural Story

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The Natural Story

We are delighted to announce a brand new tweed range that we are now offering. A completely natural tweed.

This is a uniquely natural range of cloths, inspired by the desire to create a fabric that is classically beautiful, environmentally friendly and very distinctive. The whole range is made from naturally coloured British sheep fleeces, Jacobs, Shetland and Welsh Black. There are no dyes used in these yarns, along with the absence of any chemicals in the preparation for weaving there is also only natural soaps used in the finishing process. The spinning, weaving and finishing are all done here in Huddersfield, all within a five mile radius keeping the carbon footprint for the manufacturing process to the absolute minimum.

The low environmental impact itself would make no sense if we did not produce a cloth that was not appealing, the designers have managed to use these creative limitations to inspired results, they have created a range of textures, weights, weaves, patterns and colourways. If you are wishing to manufacture garments with intense character and a distinctive look we know these cloths will drive your creative juices.

Heart and desire.

To book in to see these amazing fabrics, please either call 01285 689431 or email us info@barringtonayre.co.uk

Tweed Season

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So the Autumn is officially here and people have started to dust off their shotguns with the start of the pheasant season. Therefore people’s minds have started to turn towards the joy of tweed and their autumn / winter wardrobe.

Therefore, we thought that we would write a quick post about the joy and uses of tweed!

Tweed was the sporting attire of choice for the 19th and early 20th-century gentleman. The English gentry quickly adopted tweed as the ideal outdoor cloth on their upcountry estates. Wearing tweed made hunting, shooting, and fishing comfortable, enjoyable pastimes. Tweed also became very popular among the 19th-century Victorian middle classes who associated it with the leisure pursuits of the aristocracy and thus suited their new found wealth and status.

Tweed has since become synonymous with field sports, such as shooting and fishing. However over the last few years the quality of tweed and sheer selection of designs have meant that it has become a standard in the fashion World.

Now being worn by field sportsmen, country and city dwellers,men and women, tweed really is everywhere and the choices and designs seemingly endless.

So what tweed should you have in your wardrobe?

1. A Tweed Jacket

bespoke tweed jacket

Something that will never go out of fashion and will last you for years. Go with a classic design if you want something that will not age but if you can afford a few tweed jackets, definitely also go with something that matches your personality and is possibly a bit more brave in your tweed choice

2. Tweed Suit

tweed wedding suit

The picture above shows a bespoke tweed wedding suit that we made. Again, a tweed suit is something that will never age. Go single breasted, and ideally with a waistcoat. Don’t forget that you can always wear the jacket of a tweed suit as a tweed jacket on its own with jeans, or trousers. This can also be done with the waistcoat, the waistcoat and jacket and the trousers on their own. This makes this item of clothing incredibly versatile and well worth the investment.

These are just 2 items that are an essential for anyone building a bespoke wardrobe, but there is so much more that tweed can offer. It is a weather proof fabric and lasts for years and years.

We have put together a full GUIDE TO TWEED and please do follow the link to read more about the background of tweed, the types of sheep tweed comes from, the weights that are available and the numerous uses.

If you would like to come and see the thousands of tweeds that we have on offer and see some of the items of clothing that you can have made, please do contact us on kerry@barringtonayre.co.uk or 01285 689431


Recently, we have been receiving a number of commissions to make bespoke jackets and suit jackets with storm or tab collars.

The Storm Collar

This is something that we have been doing for a while on our Made in England ready to wear tweed and shooting jackets and it appears that the trend is catching on. Even Ralph Lauren and Gucci have included them in some of their photos in the recent GQ magazine.

We have been an advocate of the storm collar for a number of years as we firmly believe that your clothing should not only look amazing it should also be entirely practical and something that works for you. With our tweed jackets we have included storm collars as with the tweed jacket being worn in the colder, windier months, it makes sense to be able to button up the collar and keep the cold air out, as well as having a fantastic piece of English made tailoring.

So, keep an eye out this season at all of the country fairs, point to points and polo matches that Barrington Ayre will be exhibiting at and come and check out our extremely smart storm collars.

oooo, there may also be a few new arrivals for the ladies out there………..

We have had our new tailoring showroom in Cirencester, for just under a week now and so we thought that we would share a few photos of how things are looking. Things are changing day by day at the moment, so please feel free to pop in and see us, 11-17 Market Place, Cirencester.

Don’t forget, you can still use our visiting tailoring service, but you now also have the option to come and see us and be measured up for your English made bespoke clothing.