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We were recently asked to make a bespoke tweed ski suit for a customer and this blog takes a look at the result!

The brief was to design something that was very classical but something that would still be practical on the slopes. This was a brilliant thing to be asked to make and was real fun to design.

We went with a 16oz tweed in a very English pattern and tried to keep the design as classical and as near a traditional tweed suit as possible.

Screenshot 2016-01-04 17.03.15

We tried to keep the look of a classic tweed jacket as much as we could with 3 buttons. We then added a button opposite the lapel hole, underneath the lapel so that it can’t be seen, that can be done up like a storm collar when the wind is coming in and the temperature is dropping. (see picture below)

We then also went for a patch pocket look but made each one of these with a zip fastener so that you can have your hip flask, wallet, nibbles, and ski pass all close to hand but secure. The breast zip pocket is also designed to allow you to attach your ski pass by a pull cord to your lapel hole and then tuck in into your breast pocket, zip it up to keep it secure but with the large zip that you can easily undo with your ski gloves on.
Screenshot 2016-01-04 17.03.24

We have deliberately used a slightly larger zip on each pocket so that you can undo any of them whilst wearing your gloves. They are also of the strongest quality just in case you do take a tumble!

Screenshot 2016-01-04 17.03.34

To allow the wearer the freedom of arm movement so important whilst skiing, we have gone back again to tradition and used classic working shoulder pleats. We use these on our shooting jackets to allow room when moving through a target with your gun up in your shoulder. The same principal is used for arm movement whilst skiing, so when in the tuck position or whilst carving the wearer won’t feel constricted.

Screenshot 2016-01-04 17.04.31

We then looked at the areas where you are likely to get warm and perspire and this took our next design feature to the under arm! We took inspiration from the jacket we recently made the Turner Twins for their epic adventure up Mt Elbrus. The under arm can become very warm if there is not movement and space available but this can be quite tricky without creating an odd look to the lines of the jacket. Therefore we went with our explorer jacket armpit and added a small V under the armpit allowing movement and space inside for air to circulate cutting down on perspiration.

Screenshot 2016-01-04 17.04.41

We also opted for no vents at the back to prevent snow and cold wind sneaking in and the back is slightly longer like a traditional snowboarders jacket, and with tweed being such a great fabric for all weathers the wearer will not get a soggy bottom!

Screenshot 2016-01-04 17.04.51

In regard to internal pockets we went with one zip fastening for wallet, phone or anything else that the wearer would like to keep secure and on the left hand side we went with a classic open internal pocket so the wearer even with gloves on can reach in by undoing a single button and the front and retrieving a hip flask, piste map or pack of cigarettes whilst on a chair lift with minimal fuss.

Screenshot 2016-01-04 17.05.03

With the trousers we again went for practicality whilst keeping that classic tweed suit look. We took the fishtail back to a new level by removing the waistband altogether and simply took the fishtail right up the back to prevent any snow or cold air from sneaking in. The lack of waistband also makes the trousers incredibly comfortable when sitting down for lunch or on a chair lift as there is no heavy band to push into the lower back. The lack of waistband also allows for more movement when skiing. We did add a zip rear pocket just in case you needed somewhere safe to keep your wallet apres ski when the jacket comes off!

Screenshot 2016-01-04 17.05.13

For the front of the trouser we went with strength and comfort and so used a double button fastening and zip fly. The double button allows for lots of movement and exertion whilst staying fastened and the zip fly prevents any wind from getting its icy reach on what is the most delicate of areas!

Screenshot 2016-01-04 19.40.40

The cuffs of the the trouser are also wider and in a more boot cut finish to allow for easy wear over a ski boot and the waterproof breathable lining throughout the suit makes this the most stylish ski suit you will ever see.

As with all of our clothing this tweed ski suit is made right here in England and can be adapted to your own design and measurements and you can pick your own tweed to truly be an individual on the slopes.

The owner of the suit has promised to take photos of himself wearing it when he is skiing and let us know exactly what he thought of it. So keep an eye out for his report coming very soon

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