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A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to go on golf tour to Portugal. We stayed for 4 nights and played 5 rounds with one extra hole thrown in to make a total of 100 holes of golf in the week!

Barrington Ayre Bespoke Golf

This not only gave me the perfect opportunity to take the new range of Barrington Ayre Bespoke Golf wear out to warmer climes, it also gave me chance to talk to clubs and players in Portugal about our range and what they wanted to see on their members and what their members would like to wear.

Luckily, the range got a huge thumbs up! the feed back also gave us some interesting new ideas that we are working on at the moment.

Being out in Portugal gave me my first chance to test the new technical bespoke polo shirts that we make. The fabric is designed to not only whick any moisture away from the body but also to move with the body whilst swinging to help improve your swing.

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I have to say that I was even more impressed with the fabric than I thought I would be! When the sun did come out it kept me nice and cool and felt very light and comfortable at all times. It also never seemed to smell! There were times when I was a little bit warm after deciding to carry my clubs on one of the hilliest courses I’ve played for a while! The stiff interlined collar stayed nice and strong and smart even after a few washes and I even risked the hotel laundry just to give one of the polos a real hard test! No shrinkage and the collar stayed firm and smart even without the collar stiffeners in. The colours were a real hit and a few people I spoke to wanted me to design some for their touring party for next year!


The ventile trousers were not only amazing over here in the wet weather, they were light and breathable in the warmer weather and held their crease and look even after all of the travel.

bespoke golf

One of the things that did come up though was how interested people were in the gilet that I was wearing. This was designed simply to be a promotional piece of clothing that would also allow me to wear it and play golf in when the weather got a bit cooler. However, everywhere I went, people asked me about it and lots of people asked me wear they could buy it from. So we are in the middle of developing a Barrington Ayre Bespoke Golf gilet that will be weatherproof that will be available to purchase.

We are now able to make your bespoke golf clothing and the new website will be ready soon, but in the meantime please use this link to purchase your bespoke golf clothing – Barrington Ayre Bespoke Golf



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